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Make it Happen With MLM Downline Reports and Genealogy Leads

The key to success with any MLM business is exposing enough people to your story. Of the five step process of recruiting (expose, present, validate, sponsor, and train) the one you actually control the results for are the first. If you want to sponsor more distributors, just talk to more people.

But as Tracy Biller points out in his ground breaking training, it is much more effective to target your marketing efforts. If that's the case, who is your target market? That's right it the very same people you find on MLM downline reports.

MLM genealogy leads represent your target market much like existing golfers represent the target market for companies trying to sell a new golf club. You see they already believe in the industry, already have an idea of what it takes to succeed, and for the most part have the personality profile that puts them in the part of the population with a tendency to take on entrepreneurial endeavors.

There is some excellent training on using genealogy leads and downline reports available on the web. For example, a complete power recruiting system shows you every step of the way including scripts and more.

However, cold calling downline reports takes a very committed distributor, which is okay, but I like to tilt the odds of succes in my favor... and MLM recruiting is a numbers game, so we use an automated dialer to help us sort through these leads fast. Download your free mlm leads today, and we'll share exactly what we're doing so you and your team can get the most out of our free genealoy lists.

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