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Yes you read the headline correct, we are giving away free MLM genealogy leads for you to use in building your MLM business. These are the exact same leads you can find on the internet for $50 to $200, and you can get 2,000 a week for free. I've been collecting these leads for the past couple of years, and have personally spent several thousands of dollars for these.

What Are Genealogy Leads and Downline Reports?

In a nutshell genealogy leads are a lists of people who have previously been either a customer or a distributor in an MLM company. Most of the time, the company is already out of business, but not always. There are times when someone with a significant downline decides to quit the MLM industry, and if he does this, often times he will sell his downline organization report. They realize there is value in their genealogy report, and often times thinking of his downline's future, decides to share it with people interested in continuing on in the industry.

Downline reports are usually just a different name for genealogy leads, but often lists of people who have invested money on some kind of training or tools specific to building an MLM downline, although these kinds of lists are more commonly called distributor databases. These are slightly different than MLM genealogy reports, but often times also can contain more current information of active MLM distributors.

Both MLM downline reports and genealogy leads are lists of people who have invested money in starting a network marketing business from home. The only potential difference is the source of the leads, but both produce excellent results for recruiting when approached correctly.


Why Use Downline Reports?

Much like advertising in any industry, the best people to target are people who have already demonstrated an interests in spending money on what you have to sell. For example, manufactures of golf equipment are wise to invest their advertising dollars with people who have already proven their interest in golf by buying magazines on golf, buying golf clubs, memberships to golf courses, etc. In the same way, the best target for finding people interested in building an MLM organization are those who have already invested in that interest. The easiest place to find these are MLM genealogy reports. Everyone on these lists has at one time been interested enough in investing some money and parting with their social security number in order to join a network marketing organization.

Let's look at what we know about these people then:

Given the wealth of benefits, isn't it obvious this is the best approach to build the framework for your business? We encourage people to build the network of business builders with network marketing veterans, and then to flesh out their team with customers from their warm markets. This works exceptionally well if you offer good consumable products.

How Should I Use MLM Genealogy Lists?

The absolute best and most effective method of contacting people on either genealogy lists or downline reports is to pick up the phone and give them a call. In fact, while most of the leads in my database contain email address's I do not provide this information since email is a flawed medium for contacting these folks, and I refuse to encourage any sort of SPAM.

This very barrier of having to call the downline reports is what makes the power recruiting system so effective even if many people have the same lists. The fact is, the vast majority of people who think they want to build a business, don't have a big enough reason to overcome the hurdle of picking up the phone and prospecting.

Tracy Biller is the most vocal supporter of using genealogy leads to build your downline fast, but he's certainly not the only one. Tracy offers some excellent power recruiting training in the art and science of building with lists of veteran network markters. It's probably worth the investment if you are setting up your own system.

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Who Should Use MLM Genealogy Leads?

The answer to this question is obvious... only those that have the strong desire to overcome their fear of the phone and to take an aggressive active role in exposing their business to new people. The front end of building a network marketing business is all about exposing enough people to your opportunity. Calling MLM genealogy leads is the most cost effective approach available, and ANYONE with a strong desire can learn to do this effectively in under an hour. And since you can share this website with your team, they can get their leads for FREE as well.

What's The Catch?

Honestly, there is no catch. I've been buying these lists for the past several years, and invested several thousand dollars in the process. I wanted to create simple system to help my personal team, and really didn't want to make it burdensome with passwords and all, so thought I might as well embrace the mantra of the internet which is free. The one and only catch is that I deliver the access through email, so you will need to confirm your mailing address, and stay on the list to get the weekly access code.

But that's it. Agree to receive the information via email, and you and your team have a steady and growing supply of free MLM genealogy leads to call each and every week. Go for it!

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